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Ramón Gieling
Foto: Bob BronshoffRamón Maria Gieling (1954) is a well known Dutch film director, photographer and painter. In the seventies he studied at the Academy in Arnhem. At the start of his career, he mainly exhibited drawings, photographs and paintings. Gradually he became more and more involved in cinematography and documentary making.

An overarching theme in Gieling’s work, is the country of his youth: Spain. More specifically: the very Spanish concept of ‘Duende’. Beautifully described by the author Lorca, ‘Duende’ can be best explained as a form of artistic rapture experienced by (Andalusian) artists when performing at their peak. One of Gieling’s earlier films was completely devoted to the deciphering of this elusive concept. Many of his later cinematographic projects also feature people who seem to have a natural ability to reach the heights of such rapturous performance peaks in their art or profession. Such as the legendary Dutch football player Johan Cruijff during his time in Barcelona. Gieling’s best known film ‘En un momento dado’ features Cruijff’s magical ability to move the ball as well as the people around him.

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