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Walter Fusi
Walter Fusi (1924 – 2013) was an internationally recognized Italians Opart painter, known for his colorful palet. Born in Udine, he studied in Siena and at the Academia di Belle Arti in Florence where he joined the Italian informal avantgarde. After 1963 he mainly created geometrically abstract work. Between 1965 and 1979 he was oriented towards “Concretismo” and Op-art and he experimented with three-dimensional work. His work from this time was recognized for it’s merit, leading to numerous awards. After 1979 he returned to his earlier geometric and informal style. Fusi’s work was shown in Brussels, Paris, London, Caracas, New York and Chicago. Multiple publications have been published about his life. Walter Fusi died in 2013 in Colle di Val d’Elsa.

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