Ben Bodt

Ben Bodt (Arnhem, 1943) redefines craftsmanship when it comes to realistic painting. After graduating from the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten Arnhem (1964-1967 and 1975-1978) where he developed into a painter and photographer, he went to Amsterdam. He worked in advertising for a while, combining it with his art. He also pioneered in deep sea photography. Documenting the underwater world for magazines with his Nikonos camera. But he soon tired of the advertising scene and has dedicated his time to fulltime painting ever since. Today he lives and works in Arnhem as an expert painter of realist paintings that remind one of seventeenth century still life masters.

Expositions of Ben’s work have been held from Shanghai and Bejing to Paris and from Stockholm to Houston and in the well known local galleries of Amsterdam, Arnhem, Nijmegen and other Dutch cities.

Work by Ben Bodt can by found in institutional collections including those of Unilever, Ohra, PostNL, Rabobank, Province of Gelderland and many private collections.