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Fon Klement
Fon Klement (Amsterdam, 1930 – 2000) was a self taught artist mostly known for his hardboard cuts. He also worked as a painter, draftsman, muralist, and sculptor. Klement lived and worked in Amsterdam and France and studied in Sweden for a while. Klement found inspiration in the work of Kirchner, Permeke, Chabot, Kruyder, Rouault and Beckman. In the seventies his work became more and more abstract.These abstract works brought him public recognition. Later he started working in brighter colors and returned to figurative subjects, mostly flowers which he painted while staying in his French studio. Klement’s work was part of a large traveling exhibit of Dutch artists in the US and an overview of his work was exhibited in Museum Van Bommel-Van Dam in Venlo. He was also featured in the Singer Museum in Laren. He received several awards and numerous publications about his works have been published over time.

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