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Richard Tipping

Richard TippingRichard Tipping (Adelaide, 1949) is a world renowned artist who lives and works in Sydney. Hij read poetry, philosophy and cinematography at Flinders University and travelled Europe and North-America. In 1967 he started to type poetry in geometrically arranged patterns on his typewriter.

In the seventies he first created the type of work that would later make him famous: traffic signs with poetic texts. To this day text is an important part of the work he does as a conceptual artist. He also works as a sculptor and documentary maker. Important influences on his work are: Dada, Fluxus and other movements that emphasize a relation between word and image. A subject which has always fascinated Richard. In 2007 he even wrote a thesis on the subject: “Word Art Works: visual poetry and textual objects”.

Tipping has been involved with numerous publications on this subject over the years. Richard Tipping exhibited in well known galleries all over the world. His work can be found in collections of institutions such as: the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the British Museum, London, the National Gallery of Australia and many other public and private collections.

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