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Walk through the online exhibition ‘Les favoris de la lune’ by Ramón Gieling today

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As of today you can view the online exhibition 'Les Favoris de la Lune' by Ramón Gieling on the site. In the video in this post you can see an overview of the exhibition and how to walk through it with your mouse. But of course you can also do that yourself.

Who is Jean-Michel Meurice?

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From 1985, Meurice was involved in the establishment of the culture channel La Sept, which was renamed ARTE in 1991. The station's co-founders are Pierre Bourdieu, Michel Guy and Georges Duby. In his own art he initially (1960s and 70s) focused on colorful work that often consists of bands of contrasting colors and surface treatments with scratches, splashes, traces and stripes. In this context, he was also co-founder of the Supports/Surface movement. At that moment he also starts working with surfaces such as shower curtains that provide him with a ready-made pattern. From the eighties he focuses more on applying stencil-like patterns over landscapes. Those patterns sometimes represent organic shapes such as leaves and flowers. He also uses elements of artworks he photographs while traveling as a basis for patterns. In the creation of many of the patterns, he is sometimes strongly inspired by the motifs from Matisse's work.

De mathematical precision of intuition – interview with Ramón Gieling

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An extensive interview with Ramón Gieling regarding his latest films 'L'Amour, La Mort' and 'This film saves your life Paul Blanca', which will be released in the autumn of 2022. Currently, the ever-busy director, painter and photographer is finalizing the details of both films. For this interview I looked at the most current versions. In the interview we delve deeper into underlying themes, his creative process and the role of the subconscious and intuition in his work and that of others including the legendary photographer Paul Blanca in the context of the Amsterdam art scene. Update: You can now find the official trailer for 'L'Amour / La Mort' at the bottom of the page

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